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What happens in my session?

Example of Intuitive Session

One of my favourite practice is to ask my clients,

"What hurts you now?"

Simply I ask this question and I listen.

This was taught by Dr. Lissa Rankin.

This is a great practice for me to hold space and just listen. And it is great for my clients as well since this questions lets them speak spontaneously, truthfully, without interfering their mind.

My sessions are very intuitive. Especially when it comes to workshop. So, when my intuition hits, I follow it.

Today was not exception.

I was following what I planned to do.

But, it was just partial of my work that was planned by God today.

I did energy healing and God guided me, so I asked some questions to my client and after that, I did this "What hurts you right now?" session.

Noticing the client was feeling a little bit of discomfort, I kept pushing a little bit...gently.

The gentleman with a beautiful gentle soul opened up and released with tear.

Speaking is releasing.

Speaking is moving.

I am here to hold space and listen for you.

If you would like to heal your whole health/life and be in joy and have the best relationship with Life or with your partner, I am here for your massive transformation :)


What am I offering?


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