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Today's Intuitive Writing

Love Letter From God

Focusing on happiness, feeling good.

My heart is my navigation.

I choose with my heart.

Keep my heart open.

Feeling my heart.

My heart is navigation.

Here you are!

Thank you for coming to my life.

I love you.

You are beautiful.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

My heart now tells me to go this way.

I keep moving where my heart tells me to go.

I know that God, the Universe is always generous and something big that I cannot imagine is awaiting for me.

So I keep moving.

You won't be left.

Would you like to come with me?

Come with me :)


I would like to be with you.

What you need is a little courage.

I am here for you to keep your fragile heart open.

I am not you, but I sense you and I feel you.

Once I was there, I know.

Let me hold you, sweet heart.

I am here to love you.

Feel me.

Feel my warmth.

This is you.

You are so much loved now.

I walk with you ♡

I have several spots for January session.

Please contact me to book your session with me!

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Intuitive Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, Women's Retreat Facilitator ❤️

Guiding for heart-centred, sensitive, giving beautiful people who are ready for self-healing from their dis-ease to be in Ease, Love and Harmony

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