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Relaxing Your Muscles without Pushing Hard and Improving Your Physical Function

Sage Lymph Care Method

In the past, I practiced martial arts for about four years.

It was very serious!!! Since I was so dedicated to the practice, there were many things that I learned. But at the same time, my physical body was stressed severely.

I left the circle as I wanted to focus on my own work, but, as time passed by, my physical body started to scream more and more.

Eventually, I had enough. And I chose to live in Canada.

I knew and wanted to try natural therapies to "recover" my physical discomfort and I started to introduce various therapies and modalities that were gentle to me and that I thought could help me.

They all worked.

However, I was still struggling around my musculoskeletal system.

One day, last year, through my friend's one word, I felt somehow being pushed and I chose to take Sage Lymph Care Method course taught by the founder, Dr. Seiji Sato.

The results are more than I could describe here!

Firstly, my prolonged struggle around musculoskeletal system has been improving.

I feel my legs. I feel expansion inside of my body. I can stand easier and feel much balanced being in my body :)

What I would like to say to you if you are struggling with your health is that there is always something that could help you to improve health and life. Furthermore, usually it is very simple!

If you are ready to get well, I would love to walk with you so you can see improvement!

Here is my website :)

Sage Lymph Care Method is still new to non Japanese speaking people. And I started to spread the word since last Nov. It can be applied very easily and can be applied to anyone.

Now, I can dance and bike again. I did not have much energy to do before even though I was eating good!

It is so amazing to witness my own physical body's healing.

So if you are an athlete, dancer, physically active person challenged by pain or aches on a daily basis and have not seen any improvements despite of various therapies, I would like to introduce Sage Lymph Care Method to you.

One of the practices that I do often is facial care :)

To loosen facial muscle and to nurture me.

Gentle, gentle...

Being with the sacred body.

Facial Care Workshop including this technique comes in Feb 18th in Victoria, BC.

Registration is here.

Love ❤️

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