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Random Act Of Kindness

~Sharing Love Through Giving Gifts~

Today, I purchased Mandala tapestry.

This was to have more peaceful and serene atmosphere in my bedroom.

A woman who was selling was living a little far from where I live and today is rainy day. Originally I was coming to her way, but, decided not to visit her. Then, I had a thought and I asked her if she was available to come to my way.

Luckily, she was available and said yes to my request! As I am practicing "Asking what I want without hesitation", when I heard "Yes" (No is totally okay to me, by the way :)), simply Gratitude filled me. Since I did not know about "allowing" and am practicing this these days, for me, that someone comes toward me is magical and very appreciative. This is a beautiful practice of receiving.

Coming back to today's simple act of kindness, my roommate and I were choosing which tapestry we liked although he was not going to buy. There was one that he liked and there was one that matched to my room! And something happened!

I had a thought and took an action on it. Without telling him, I bought one that he liked for him and gifted it for him as an early Christmas present. Hihi~ :)

Surprise, surprise!

The result?

He loved it :)

And hug hug and I am touched by this man's tears.

Bringing new wave.

Living magically every day ♡




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