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Loving What Is

Actively Being in Joy Field

Loving What Is.

This is a title of a book by Byron Katie.

I have not read it yet, but I like the title.

Loving What Is.

Today, I could not find keys when I was about to go out.

Keys to the house, to my bike (there are three! and all attached to the same keychain!)

Oh well, I thought.

Then, just sitting by the window, I saw deer and birds. And the Sun came to say hello to me!

What a bliss-full scene that I was shown and feeling that I instantly experienced.

One of my core practices is "Everything happens perfectly".

As I write this, I say, "I do not have to Love" what is happening. Rather, I use "Accepting" to what is happening "for" me!

Then, I surrender and see what happens for the best.

Just be really honest with myself, without attaching the outcome, surrender to God, the Universe.

God, the Universe, Life wants to give me/us the best :)

I noticed myself a bit down about the keys, but caught myself this and started to create my joy field actively!

After surrendering about keys, I chose to dance. I danced to music. With the Sun, with birds. With a friend. With my heart.

Then, keys were found.

As today's lesson and a metaphor,

"Keys" (for Life) are to surrender (trusting) and to be in joy.

Thank you, God, the Universe, Life for this amazing Life.

I am very grateful.

And it is Good to Be Alive Today!

Thank you for you.

I Love You ❤️

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