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Last Catering in 2017

Thank you for choosing Goddess Creations ♡

I had another unexpected catering request last minute for lunch and dinner for a group of 11 people, so I was in the kitchen all day yesterday :)

It was fun as usual and I asked myself again what it is to be in the kitchen and make food for others.

For healing, some say that food is important and others say that food does not matter for healing.

I would say personally that both can be true as I have experience from both sides. But, if one's Life is meant to be fun, magical and to be lived fullest using their gifts, one of my gifts is food.

Through working in cafes, being in the kitchen and making food changed me and my life.

So today I wanted to express my gratitude to those who enjoyed meals so far that Goddess Creations offered. And also this planet, organic farmers...

I am humbly grateful for this sacred work and walking on this delicious journey :)

If you would like to taste Goddess Creations for healing or work with me for catering, feel free to contact me :D

I am based in Victoria, BC and work Internationally!


Love and Blessings,


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