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Gut Healing Naturally (or Most of Dis-ease)

through mind body spirit medicine

Today, upon waking up, I had a thought, message, feeling that my gut is healing!

Before moving to Canada, my gut health got worse and after moving to Canada, there was time when my gut was in a really bad condition for long period of time.

What was my journey like for healing?


Food is one part of process.

Mind, Emotions and connection/relationship to Soul/God/Spirit/the Universe are equally important.

In the past, I was obsessed with "How to eat right!".

I was self judgmental and feeling guilty if I was about to falling off from the path.

I overworked.

As I believed that nobody would be finishing the job unless I would.

I was doing multi tasking being rushed by time and customers.

My breathing pattern was very shallow and many times I caught myself that I was not breathing.

Constantly my body was stressed.

My gut was not happy environment at all.

I tried different types of fermented food, food combination etc.

I admit that I was choosing the environment.

But, first, I did not know that I was choosing.

Then, some messenger came to me saying, "Taking responsibility for all areas of your life!".

So, I chose to change accordingly as I wanted to be healthier desperately!

Changing diet solely did not work for me, so I took a different route.

Getting rid of "food obsession" to become healthy, constantly recreating the environment for myself for the best, I and my life changed.

I did study Mind Body Spirit Medicine with Dr. Divi for several months.

During those months, so many shifts happened for me.

Now I can say those.

It is okay to take care of myself first before others.

It is okay to receive help.

It is okay to slow down.

Everyone is different, so, I do not have to say that I am slower than others.

Just be me and be gentle to myself.

I needed to do Mind, Emotional work and deep listening to connect with my soul/Spirit.

I feel much freer than when I was obsessed with "food".

Your body knows how to heal same as mine did.

Miracle and Magic can happen!

Want to heal your body?

Let's chat 20min! to find out how I can help you.

Intuitive Holistic Health Coach, Holistic Raw Food Chef, Sono Ray


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