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Fun and Discomfort

something new is...

I recently started climbing at the climbing gym.

A friend of mine introduced it to me about 11 years ago. I did once out of curiosity. It was fun and I loved it.

And years went by, moving to a new city, finding the climbing gym, I was intrigued to go there.

I took the beginner's class!

And I just enjoyed what I experienced, learning basic belaying to climbing and coming down back to the Earth :P

I went back to the gym today to see if I remembered what I learned. Well, better than I thought!


As I did not have a buddy to practice together today, I did with an auto belay system.

And this was something I never thought that I would experience.

At the end of climbing up with the auto belay,

I had to "completely trust" and "let go" my body from the wall :)

That is it (as I write)!

Of course as I practiced, I got used to doing it.

But this was something significant for me.

And it applies to Life so well.

After doing the best I could do, trusting and letting go.

How did I feel after coming back to the ground?

I felt great.

I loved it.

Body is amazing.

I am very grateful for this beautiful functional body (as I tell her always!). I say this because once I was weak and was not sure if I could ever have this vitality. Some time, my energy was out of control and I was not sure how to deal with her.

So regaining vitality that I once thought lost is very special to me.

I am simply grateful for what Life is presenting to me.

So, if you are experiencing some pain, discomfort in your physical body, I say this again that you can heal yourself and it is possible!

I give you opportunities and possibilities again and again.

Your body is amazing, reeeeally ❤️

I Love You.

delicious life creator, Sono

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