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Doing Something New

Being Vulnerable, Speaking and Performing in Front of People

Today was the day.

When I saw the event of Open Mic, I decided to participate in this event as a performer.

I was thinking and thinking about what I would offer, especially when this week began.

Then, as usual, I realized that I needed to let go.

I have come back to my breathing and my heart rather than being in my head.

Then, eventually, some ideas came to me and I picked one!

I was preparing for it.

But, again, I chose to let go.

I chose to practice to be here now (as much as possible) and perform something on the spot!

I had learned about "my timing" several years ago.

It was introduced by a lovely woman when a group of people including me were introducing each other.

Whoever was ready to speak up, s/he could do.

So, remembering this instruction, I trusted the whole process as though I was pretty nervous.

One time, I had ask myself if I wanted to share something tonight.

Somehow, the answer was strong YES and I waited for my tern.

It arrived and I raised my arm!

I chose to read a poem from a book of Rumi where the hosts had prepared for someone who wanted to read.

I read one of poems from it and I let my intuition guide me.

I chose to open my heart and throat more and more each day, so I sang. But without words.

Inviting audience, I opened my mouth and let the voice come through me.

Since the sound that came to me was intuitive, I cannot sing the same one again.

My time ended eventually and I experienced a huge healing and shift.

The whole experience, sitting in front of people, holding a mike in my hand and singing was an incredible experience.

After me, one gentleman came to sit in front of us.

He told his story he thought that he could not sing. But, with a singing coach and somehow, today, he was inspired by me and he shared his beautiful voice with us.

It was beautiful.

Including his singing, the entire night was very moving and I was tearing a lot.

I drew a card before going to the event and the message was "Fertility".

Absolutely, it represented each person who came today as this open mic was the first one at the new studio!

I am grateful for all who came to the event today.

Small group, it was perfect for me. And full of magic and miracles!

I was born, grew up this area.

I do what.

Blah Blah Blah...

It is just part of me.

I was very nervous though, I simply enjoyed being in the space with people who were willing to share their unique, loving self-expression.

I will come back to this event again to share love and beauty with people.


Hemma, 1274 May St, Victoria

Thank you, Pearl & Earl for creating beautiful night for us.

Much Love,


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