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Creating The Environment That Supports

delicious life creation by changing proactively

A lot of shifts are happening.

My physical body, especially.

I am positively creating relaxing environment internally and externally so self-repair happens.

Witnessing my own body's shifts, I am really amazed how much human body carries potentials.

"Stress" is a major cause of all kinds of illnesses.

We know. Doctors know. But, what doctors do not know about is "how".

What I remember is that doctors tell their patients to reduce stress.

There are many loving conventional health care providers. So I would not say all doctors.

And growing up, most of us are never taught around how either.

I am lucky that I have learned actually how to turn off "stress". Not "decrease stress".

It is a practice, so I practice everyday. It is getting better and better! I catch myself when I am not breathing or getting tighter.

I love my body and I love my inner work.

I learned turning off stress lesson painful way. I can be workaholic, so I can work without taking break or I work until I collapse.

And I burnt out a few times before I learned this lesson.

So, I wanted to share this with you even though it seems that so many people have already talked about how to, I thought that there would be some people who need this information through here.

Here are some tips that I use for me to be in my "Ahhhhh~" or smiley place.

Laughter, sitting and watching beautiful sunrise or sunset, watching birds, eating delicious coconut ice-cream (dairy, gluten free, sweetened with raw honey~!) or raw chocolates :)

Instantly, those activities take me to parasympathetic nervous system dominant environment.

If you are suffered from your chronic illnesses, focus on creating and being in parasympathetic nervous system dominant environment.

It is possible to shift and heal yourself!

It took time for me, but this journey is worth.

Always Possibilities! Miracles and Magic happen!

Love ❤️,


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