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Believe You Can Heal Yourself!

Living your past story to Creating your future and Living it!

I have been working on myself, for my healing a lot.

Doing this and that.

But I don't know if I can heal!


This conversation reminded me of the importance of "Step1" that I learned in Mind Over Medicine teacher training course. Believe you can heal yourself.

For me, healing is possible. I believe in spontaneous healing, spontaneous remission, miracles!

It can happen.

When I look back, I have changed. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, the way of living. All happened as I followed my dream or my heart. And I am constantly creating and evolving (as well as destroying (this is a natural course of Life as new creation comes after that too :))

So, a question I had after the conversation was "How can we believe that we can heal?"

There are many answers.

Simply some people have absence of "KNOWING" that it is true.

When I talk about my own experience, when I was following some diet to get better and was working in an organic cafe, one day there, I had a solid feeling that my body was getting better from this day! It was very strong sensation and some huge shift happened in me.

It was already several years after I started my own healing journey through diet when I experienced it, so I was awe.

On the other hand spontaneous healing, remission happens, on the other hand, like me, your healing may take time. What I would like to say here, today is that keep doing what you feel good or great about.

Introducing something new. Everyday or even once a week :)

And if you like it, keep continue.

Then eventually, you will not be bothered by old stuff that does not serve you.

Today is a new day. You can heal yourself.

And please remind yourself that today is the best day and "now" is sweet and precious.



Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Retreat Facilitator, Goddess ❤️

~helping sensitive women self-heal from their dis-ease and being in Love~

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