What I Offer

    • Catering Service : Organic. Gluten-Free. Plant-Based (mostly vegan)
    • Food Meditation
    • Plant-Based Food Dining Event


    based in Vancouver, BC

    working Internationally


  • About

    A little background of Delicious CoCreation

    Sono Ray

    One of the ways for me to share Love is to prepare meals.

    I do not call myself raw foodist, vegan or vegetarian :) But, they taught me so many things about life. I am very grateful for this journey. Since I discovered organic eating, vegetarian, vegan, raw foods, I was able to connect with "joy".

    Joy of preparing plant-based meals and being in the kitchen. Joy of living.

    I am looking forward to connecting and dancing with you in the kitchen ♡


    Since 2010

    Eternal Abundance, The Green Moustache in Vancouver

    Cafe by Tao in North Vancouver

    Recipes and menu development for cafes and events

    Personal Chef service to celebrities and musicians such as Woddy Harrelson, Deva Premal & Miten and Manoose and their crews, Breath Wave training facilitated by Robin Clement etc.

    Juice Making Specialist at Just Feast Retreat in Malahat, BC

    Facilitation of Raw Food classes

  • Services

    Ways to work with Delicious CoCreation and Sono

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    For conscious workshops, retreats and events, we will bring delicious creations.

    Available both one-on-one and group

    Get together with delicious meals!

  • Want to Work with Delicious cocreation and Sono ?

    Retreats. Events. Workshops.

    Catering & Personal Chef Service

    Delicious Goddess Creations offers organic, gluten-free, vegan meals that help you feel nourished and alive during your retreats, workshops or events.

    Please let me know your plans with details. I would like to know when, where, how many days etc. The earlier is the better for me to be able to plan better.


    * Vegetarian and fish dishes are available upon request.

    ** Our ingredients are always organic or wild harvested. We enjoy sourcing produce from local farmers and farmers market!


    Price varies depending on our project.


    Contact me.


    Photo: Catering for Breath Wave workshop on Sunshine Coast, BC

  • Want to practice meditation with food ?

    Delicious, Nourishing and Fun ♪

    Food Meditation





    Price: Both depending on our project



    One of creations that I love to share with you is preparation of raw and cooked vegan meals.

    If you are new to gluten-free diet, eating vegetarian, vegan meals and don't know how to and where to start, I am delighted to share some easy ways to prepare dishes so you become more comfortable being in the kitchen.



    Contact me :)

  • Want to experience Delicious meals with friends or Loved ones?

    Joy, Laughter, Love ♪

    Plant-Based Food Dining Event


    Love that I would like to share with you is meals made with organic produce and products, locally sourced as much as possible.
    I enjoy making gluten-free and vegan meals.


    If you are new to eating this type of food and you don't know how to continue this path, I am delighted to share some easy ways to incorporate into your daily life.


    Price: Depending on the project

    Contact me :)

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